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In true St. Louis “baseball fanatic” fashion I want to talk a little about what I affectionately call the “curve ball”…   I was thrown said curve ball late last week and my lack of refinement in my initial response to it immediately reminded me of just how important flexibility and a dynamic attitude can be in recruiting.  To be honest, it’s been a little while since I had a pitcher who really “stepped up to the plate” and surprised me – (okay, I’m done with the baseball lingo now, I just wanted to use the title!) so as I was driving home, feeling a bit bent and nearly broken, I was reminded of a toy I used to play with when I was young.   Gumby… Remember him from the TV show?  He was made of green rubbery material on a wire frame, perfect for moving and shaping into exactly the pose you wanted.  Ideally flexible while still holding his shape – just like we must be.
Flexibility is so important because our business is incredibly dynamic, whether you are an internal or third party recruiter, your day can change completely with just one call from a hiring manager.  We must be committed to dealing with changing priorities, and adept at seamlessly managing new needs.  Even when it means starting from scratch or swallowing your pride.  What I have learned is that while we have to be flexible, we need to not break that wire inside of us.  It’s what helps us to bounce back, to push back when necessary.


I’m interested, when a situation calls for an about-face, how do you manage it?  How do you maintain the integrity of your position while affording your client the flexibility that they have come to expect from you?

How do you swing for the fences on even the tough pitches that catch you by surprise?


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