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Category Archives: The randomness of me

Pretty self explanatory…

Yeah, yuck.

Yeah, yuck.

As I sit here lathering on another fistful of Purell I began to wonder, “Who brought the sniffles to the office for Christmas?”.





Unlike the person who brings in the insane amount of Halloween candy the day after the festivities, whom we both adore and despise at the same time, this person who brings in this sinus-swelling case of the sniffles gets no love from me. 


I’m reminded of my days as mom to a toddler, bringing her home from daycare with her unending, year-long colds.  Of course, the reason for the endless need for tissues is always blamed on these children who simply go around all day sneezing and touching and licking and… eww, all the other things they do because they are kids. 


So, I guess what I am wondering is, it is supposed to be different here at the office, right?  I mean, of course we aren’t running around putting each others office supplies in our mouths, but we must be doing something to perpetuate this irritating cold-weather inevitability. 


Alas, I have no answers; I am simply ranting about one of the world’s little mysteries.  But here are a couple of hints for the “well-meaning” co-workers who are sharing their holiday spirit with your immune system.  Maybe I should have gone ahead with that flu shot… 


A bit ago I tried this new thing, this thing everybody was simply raving about, this thing which everyone is doing.  It’s called Twitter, maybe you’ve heard of it.  A very terrific tool for instant communication and exchange of thoughts and ideas.  Problem is, it limits you to a very brief 140 characters to say what’s on your mind.  Which is great for the most part, for the little snippets I want to share throughout the day, but I found myself a bit long winded and with much more to say on the subject at times.  So, in my typical late-adopter fashion I decided to jump on the blog bandwagon as well.  Seems a bit backwards, I think most people go from blogging to microblogging and not the other way around, but hey – I never have been much for conformity. 

I have to say one thing about this technology though, I just clicked the spell check button in my wordpress tools and the only words it pulled out as being misspelled were “blog” and wordpress.  Just found that to be rather cute…  I guess I am easily entertained.