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As a Corporate Recruiter my job is to make sure that I assist in finding the best candidate for our open positions, simple right?  It really, truly is – simple that is.  But that doesn’t mean that little ol’ me isn’t going to do my absolute best to make it complicated.  No doubt I pride myself on understanding my hiring manager’s needs, asking tough questions and pushing them just a bit harder than they would probably like, but the simple fact is that sometimes they are going to see candidates that they are going to take a pass on.  In fact, some managers NEED to see a longer list of candidates to choose from than I would like.

What this means for me is that once I’ve invested myself in a candidate, qualified them well and presented them to my hiring manager, I really and truly care about the outcome.  Not because it looks good against my numbers to have a position filled quickly, or because it shows off my marvelous sourcing and pipelining skills, but because I feel a great deal of sympathy for my candidates.  I know when they talk to me it’s a big decision to consider a new position.  It’s my job to get them excited.  To help them to understand the facets of the decision to consider joining us.  And, unfortunately, sometimes it’s my job to knock over the house of cards after I’ve carefully set it up.

I suppose I could take a page out of Simon Cowell’s book (sorry for the Idol reference!) and just be blunt, “it’s a no”.  Even with a direct approach, which I discovered very early on is the only way, it’s difficult not to feel for candidates when I make that call.  I imagine this is something that isn’t going to change for me, that I’m never going to get used to it, and in fact I really hope it doesn’t.  I really just makes me human, right?

In any case, if I had to choose a part of my job that was my least favorite, making the “we’re passing” call would have to be it.

I wonder how the candidates perceive this…?  Am I helping or hurting in my carefully executed delivery of bad news?  Has anyone ever asked them?


I recently happened upon a post about “how to work with a recruiter” which got me thinking about what I would really like people to know about how to work with me…

Since moving from the staffing world to the corporate “dark side” I’ve moved on from hearing a lot of the negative stereotypes that people threw around about third party recruiting and gained a whole bunch of new ones about “HR”.  Truth be told my role is neither…  As a corporate recruiter I’ve been able to move from staffing positions for multiple customers on a third party basis to being a valued part of the internal team partnering with a set of hiring managers who I have direct and productive communication with.  They trust me to help them find, attract and on-board candidates for the positions which are so crucial to the organizations success. 

As a candidate, you should be aware of this role in an organization because your initial contact with a recruiter is the “first impression” you are giving a company.  My opinions matter!  There are some key things you should probably keep in mind when having a conversation with me about employment with my company.  1) I should not be hit on…! 2) Honesty is the best policy, if I feel you are not being honest, or that there is something your aren’t telling me I’ll pass that along.  3) Professionalism is key (see #1).  I’m a salesperson at heart, making you comfortable in our conversation helps us to develop a good relationship and allows us to get to know each other – an important part of determining if you would be a fit for us and of course if we are a fit for you.  Just because we are getting comfortable doesn’t mean that I’m your best friend.  Profanity or any other unprofessional behavior (including looking for a date!) is inappropriate. 

I DO NOT have anything to do with benefits administration, employee conflicts or, thankfully, termination of employment.  While traditional HR professionals play an extremely important part in an organization, I can’t count myself among them.  I AM however committed to a good candidate experience and you and I will get along best if you understand what I do for the company.  My job is two fold, on one hand I’m here to make sure you are a fit for the company.  On the other hand, if you are, it’s also to make sure our company is a fit for you.  And then to share with you all the wonderful reasons why!  You’ll hear about my personal experiences with the company, the experiences others have shared with me and the facts about what a position with us offers.  You’ll get it straight.  Because that’s what we’re about.  I have found that “trust” and “recruiter” aren’t really words that folks put together.  It’s unfortunate, because there are lots of really good ones out there, and I’m doing my small part to try to change it…