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So yesterday was parent-teacher conferences.  Fortunately (or unfortunately) for my daughter her teacher was way more excited about sharing her slide-show of the kids and the new gadgets around the classroom (one of which would actually allow her to record a lesson outside the classroom and present it later) than actually telling us about issues she was having.  These new toys are all cool, most definitely, and I would be excited about them too.  I am very glad that our PTO fund-raising and all the recent votes for the various Propositions have done the kids some good (I guess… I’m not sure this is all that exciting to the kids, but she sure got a kick out of it). 

But, um, I’m here to learn if the kid is doing okay in class.  I mean, she got a “B” in science.  What is that about?  Why?  Oh, she has a specials class that takes her away during that time, hmmmm, that may have something to do with it.  Good to know.  We’ll work extra hard on that at home.  She hasn’t been doing the homework?  Oh, again, good to know!  It alarms me that for the second year in a row we’ve come into first trimester conferences without having had teachers reach out to let us know that there are things that need to be addressed.  I nipped this one a bit earlier by asking the teacher about a month ago if she was having trouble turning in homework.  The response?  “Oh, yes, she hardly ever turns in assignments.”  WHAT???  Why did I have to ask about this!!! 

I could go on and on…  I don’t remember as a child being able to walk all over my teachers this way…  And of course it’s not the teachers fault – she, by the way, is just a delightful lady, really sweet and very animated – but the heart of this issue goes much deeper.  When we learned that she was having some trouble in math (which her father was appalled by as he’s the engineer of the family) we asked if there was anything else she could give her for extra practice since the homework that comes home usually consists of a problem or two from the worksheet that is specified in the “Syllabus” (Gosh darn it now, we can’t go beyond the guidelines which are set out for us!  It’s of the utmost importance to insure compliance with the No Child Left Behind act which I have a whole other set of opinions on).  The answer, oh yes, I’ve got lots of those sheets (makes a note), I’ll get those to you.  Yeah.  OK.  I heard the same thing last year…   If I could stand staying at home I might think about homeschooling.  I just don’t think I could take it. 

One thing about the technology and this particular teacher that I do like is that she’s putting homework up online now.  This means no excuse for the kid to come home and tell me she has none.  See, because I believe in a parents responsibility here.  I’m not laying it all on the schools.  But how can we be responsible when the information is not provided to us?  When a teacher waits until the first trimester conference (or for when a parent reaches out to see if their child is doing okay) to let parents know that they never do a lick of homework I just don’t understand that.