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I’ve been talking with people in various stages of panic over the past few weeks (ummm, months..?), from those beginning to hear the rumblings of imminent layoffs, to those just having felt the axe drop, to those having found themselves on the market for longer than they expected or are comfortable with. 


The bad news is that I’m going to continue getting those panicky calls, there is no swift end to the concerns that folks are having about their current or impending unemployment. 


The good news is that there has been an unbelievable outpouring of positive and productive support, in many unexpected places.  As a collective group I’ve been seeing the members of so many communities turning stereotypes upside down and I am loving it!  Not just out to make a buck (but who are we kidding, we are all still hoping to get paid here) our minds have turned to helping each other and the candidates we deal with daily. 


Maybe it’s in the spirit of this holiday filled time of year, but I tend to think not.  It is so much bigger than that.  The fact that the economy is taking a profound hit and individual’s lives are being hugely impacted seems to have brought us all together.




I’m reminded of the scene in The Grinch Stole Christmas where he realizes that the Whos have begun singing on Christmas morning, presents or not – and his heart swells.  Because when it comes down to it, what is happening to us is happening collectively is being felt across the board, and what has me singing is the good that is showing through.  We’ve all at times been misunderstood and perhaps a positive attitude and a helping hand have their place after all…


I recently happened upon a post about “how to work with a recruiter” which got me thinking about what I would really like people to know about how to work with me…

Since moving from the staffing world to the corporate “dark side” I’ve moved on from hearing a lot of the negative stereotypes that people threw around about third party recruiting and gained a whole bunch of new ones about “HR”.  Truth be told my role is neither…  As a corporate recruiter I’ve been able to move from staffing positions for multiple customers on a third party basis to being a valued part of the internal team partnering with a set of hiring managers who I have direct and productive communication with.  They trust me to help them find, attract and on-board candidates for the positions which are so crucial to the organizations success. 

As a candidate, you should be aware of this role in an organization because your initial contact with a recruiter is the “first impression” you are giving a company.  My opinions matter!  There are some key things you should probably keep in mind when having a conversation with me about employment with my company.  1) I should not be hit on…! 2) Honesty is the best policy, if I feel you are not being honest, or that there is something your aren’t telling me I’ll pass that along.  3) Professionalism is key (see #1).  I’m a salesperson at heart, making you comfortable in our conversation helps us to develop a good relationship and allows us to get to know each other – an important part of determining if you would be a fit for us and of course if we are a fit for you.  Just because we are getting comfortable doesn’t mean that I’m your best friend.  Profanity or any other unprofessional behavior (including looking for a date!) is inappropriate. 

I DO NOT have anything to do with benefits administration, employee conflicts or, thankfully, termination of employment.  While traditional HR professionals play an extremely important part in an organization, I can’t count myself among them.  I AM however committed to a good candidate experience and you and I will get along best if you understand what I do for the company.  My job is two fold, on one hand I’m here to make sure you are a fit for the company.  On the other hand, if you are, it’s also to make sure our company is a fit for you.  And then to share with you all the wonderful reasons why!  You’ll hear about my personal experiences with the company, the experiences others have shared with me and the facts about what a position with us offers.  You’ll get it straight.  Because that’s what we’re about.  I have found that “trust” and “recruiter” aren’t really words that folks put together.  It’s unfortunate, because there are lots of really good ones out there, and I’m doing my small part to try to change it…